Inventory Management System

Inventory management system that utilizes a binding list to track products and associated parts.

  • C#
  • Winforms
Project 1

Term Advisor

Android mobile app where students can track their academic terms, the courses that go along with each term, and the exams that go along with each course. Student data for terms, courses, and assessments can be entered, edited, and deleted. Each term's course overview and views are offered in full, along with reminders for impending performance and objective evaluations.

  • C#
  • SQLite
Project 1

Student Roster Manager

Console application that maintains a roster of current students within a given degree program and uses function calls to manipulate data. It parses through the student data and creates objects. The student records are stored in an array and specific student data is output to the console.

  • C++
Project 3


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Hello there, my name is Lindsey. I recently graduated with a bachelor's in software development and currently work as a field service engineer in the biomedical industry fixing ultrasound machines. I also hold an associates degree in electronic instrumentation and I am Comptia A+, Project+ certified. I'm an avid reader and enjoyer of video games. Profile picture courtesy of webgbcam.

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